#1 Electrical Switchboard Cheat-sheet – Everything You Need to Know

What is an Electrical Switchboard - Everything You Need to Know

An electrical switchboard is an integral part of a home’s power distribution system. The main operation of an electrical switchboard is to split up power in a building, sending it to various circuits. When issues with the electrical switchboard appear, it can mean searching for a commercial emergency electrician. Finding an inexpensive electrician near you in the Sutherland Shire area can be difficult, especially if you need help right away. Safe work practices matter when you are installing an Electrical Switchboard, so use a trusted professional. 

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Electrical switchboard

What’s an Electrical Switchboard?

Every building operator and homeowner must be familiar with the electrical switchboard. An issue in this critical component could result in glaring issues with appliances, electronics and lights.

An electrical switchboard is a link that connects the supply coming from the electric distribution system and the street into the building. Its main purpose is to move power along from the utility company before relaying it through various circuits around the building.

You can get electrical switchboards in different configurations, such as a blend of electrical switches and panels or just one panel. Irrespective of the design, the main aim of an electrical switchboard is to control the power flow.

You are likely to find the following on an electrical switchboard:

  • Fuses
  • Circuit breakers
  • Safety switches

You can find an electrical switchboard in just about any part of a building. You might find one in front of the building or a hallway. A building’s electrical switchboard and the data cabling play an important part in electrical safety. Through circuiting, the electrical switchboard can shut the flow of electricity off in the event of a problem. The right circuits alone can save buildings from electrical fires. Regrettably, electrical panels do not last forever; they have a finite shelf life. Understanding when to change an old electrical switchboard or when to conduct switchboard upgrades is pertinent to preserving electrical safety.


Electrical Switchboard: When Should You Conduct Switchboard Upgrades?

An electrical switchboard is an integral piece of an electrical system. Understanding when a building’s electrical system is outdated is an important step in proper maintenance. To do this, you need to have a licensed electrician check your panel once every 5 years. If your building or home is older, you might want to conduct switchboard upgrades sooner.

  • If your appliances aren’t operating as they normally should
  • When purchasing new appliances
  • If your electrical switchboard uses fuses instead of circuits

Searching for an electrician in your vicinity, especially if you live in Sydney, is easy. You will need to contact an electrician if your breakers are constantly tripping. Experts recommend replacing the electrical panel if you have to replace the circuit. Doing this can save you a lot of time and effort down the line.


What Risks Are Associated with an Old Electrical Switchboard?

If your building requires a switchboard upgrade, but you’ve been putting it off for a while, you might have simply been flushing money down the toilet. Yes, a switchboard upgrade cost isn’t cheap, but it pays for itself in the long run. You should remember that how much you pay for switchboard upgrades will depend on your location and the electrician. If you have an older electrical switchboard, you are bound to constantly deal with issues that require you to hire an emergency electrician.

The two major risks of using an old electrical switchboard are asbestos and electrical fire hazards.


Typically older electrical switchboards are made from asbestos. If your electrical switchboard is black and was made over 20 years ago, it could be that you have an asbestos panel. Asbestos is incredibly detrimental to your respiratory system, and it is also quite susceptible to fire.

If home safety is important to you, it might be necessary to conduct a complete safety electrical audit for your home. A certified electrician will assess all the electrical components in your home’s system for risks and faults with an audit.

Fire Hazards

An important factor to consider about modern switchboard upgrades is safety. Most homeowners do not know that a home’s natural shifting can result in some hazards. Even the slightest movements can create vibrations that power through your electrical system. When this happens, it can result in the screws holding together your connections becoming loose. A small gap between the screws and wires can result in an electrical arc. If that arc catches fire, it can spread quickly through your home’s wall cavity to the roof.


Benefits of Switchboard Upgrades

If you are still unsure if modern switchboard upgrades in Sydney are for you, you need to read the following benefits associated with switchboard upgrades. The benefits certainly outweigh the risks you face with an old switchboard.

With a new main switchboard, you eliminate the fire risk associated with old panels. Fuse arcs can be dangerous since they cause immeasurable damage when old panels are left unremedied. Another major benefit is that you get fewer repairs with newer panels. Older panels tend to break down frequently. And every time they do, you will require an electrician to fix it, which comes with an invoice. You can get ahead of the repair costs by upgrading to a more efficient panel.

Furthermore, you have less chance of electrocution. Old and new electrical systems can be dangerous, particularly if you don’t know what you are doing. Getting electric switchboard upgrades, however, can provide a layer of safety. Switchboard upgrades will disconnect a circuit if a short happens to ensure that your electrical appliances do not take the brunt of the released energy.

One factor you cannot understate is the peace of mind you get with an updated panel. Electrical issues can be frustrating. Trying to figure out the problem without adequate knowledge will only add to the frustration. With a new panel, you cut out most of the issues associated with an old electrical panel.

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