Switchboard Upgrade – 4 Absolute Reasons Why You Need To Know!

4 Reasons Why You Need a Switchboard Upgrade

Read This For Switchboard Upgrade Advice! – Switchboards are responsible for diverting electricity from the main circuit to different circuits throughout your residence or commercial space. They are the core of your property’s electrical wiring.

If your switchboard is old or not functioning properly, you may need an electrical switchboard upgrade. Following are the main reasons why you might need a Switchboard upgrade, and when  you should contact a Sydney electrician!

Property owners for both commercial & residential are responsible for ensuring electrical wiring, installations & maintenance work is done by a licensed electrician.  As per the NSW government you can read there recommendations and regulations around Electrical work & Switchboard Upgrades. You can also check to ensure your trades person is licensed on Onegov website to ensure safety on your premises and also quality of work and Safe Workmanship.

Switchbaord Upgrade

The Fuse Keeps Blowing – Switchboard Upgrade

The ceramic fuses used in old-fashioned homes and appliances were never designed to handle the load modern appliances and homes place on them. Due to this increased demand, the circuits may blow fuses repeatedly, which is at best an annoying inconvenience.


A fuse blows when the circuit is overloaded. It cuts off the power supply to the circuit. That prevents the electrical wiring and components from overheating and causing a fire.


When your fuses blow repeatedly, this is a sign that the electrical system in your house cannot cope with the demand. And you might want to think about upgrading your switchboard. By updating your switchboard and installing modern circuit breakers, your home can safely manage a much higher level of electricity usage.


Arcing Danger – Switchboard Upgrade

Occasionally, electricity can spark or arc due to worn or loose connections within the switchboard. Creating excess heat and resulting in a fire. Your switchboard is even more at risk if attached to an old-style panel.


However, if you seek the help of a qualified electrician, he will check your home’s wiring. And when upgrading your switchboard, he will ensure that any necessary adjustments are made to maintain the safety of your entire house.


Advanced Safety Solutions – Switchboard Upgrade

Researchers and Sydney Electricians have put a lot of time and effort into designing a safe and effective electrical systems for Sydney households and businesses. These advanced features protect your home or business appliances, and guard against fatal electrical accidents.


With features such as surge protectors, safety switches, and fast-activating circuit breakers, you can quickly shut down individual circuits when an overload, surge, or electrical fault occurs.


A safe switchboard could mean the difference between life and death if power to a circuit goes out in some cases.


Old Fuse Boxes Often Mean Old Wiring – Switchboard Upgrade

The wiring in your house may also be old if your house has an old fuse box. Although electrical wiring is usually hidden within walls or in the ceiling cavity, wear and tear may occur as the insulation degrades with age, if rodents and insects damage the wiring, or if accidental damage occurs during home maintenance. A licensed electrician will assess the electrical wiring throughout your home during the switchboard upgrade to determine if any repairs or upgrades are required.


Modern lifestyles place many demands on our fuse boards, leading to all sorts of issues even with a properly maintained fuse board. Contact our Sydney Electrician today to upgrade your switchboard before you have an electrical accident or a fire.



Get the Help of Sydney Electrician! – Switchboard Upgrade

When requiring an electrician to complete any job, such as switchboard upgrades or installation of data cabling in Sydney – SOS Electric can help! With 10 years of electrical experience, we have experienced and licensed electricians who are familiar with all things electric. Using proper and advanced techniques, we ensure that each installation is well charted out and executed.


Additionally, we offer Emergency Electrician services throughout Sydney, so we can be called at any time if there are issues with electrical wiring.

Want to install data cabling or need switchboard upgrades? Schedule an appointment with SOS Electric today.


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