10 Courageous Reasons Why Switchboard Upgrades Are Important

Reasons Why You Need a Switchboard Upgrade

A switchboard upgrade is probably not the most discussed topic at any gathering, but it is extremely important to always think of your home’s safety. Today’s world requires us to rely on plugging in and using more technology and appliances in the home. This volume is one that old switchboards aren’t intended to handle and can cause you to run into issues, like an electrical fire or electrical shock.

Your average home has more than a refrigerator, a television, and a washing machine-numerous different appliances have become household essentials in recent years, including air conditioning.

Since a switchboard upgrade isn’t the most exciting subject, we compiled information about switchboard upgrade, when you need a switchboard upgrades, and what to look out for when your electric switchboard is overdue for a check-up by a licensed electrician.

When reading the information below, remember that safety isn’t a factor you should ever take a chance on. Hence, a switchboard upgrades is essential to think about.

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What is a Switchboard?

In a home, an electrical switchboard is the main hub for all the electrical wiring. The main role of a switchboard is to move electricity from the outside to the inside and around the house. Simply put, a switchboard is the nerve centre for a home’s electricity supply.


How to Know if You Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

A couple of recognisable signs indicate that your switchboard and switchboard wiring is due to upgrade. A few of them are:

  • Short-circuiting appliances: If you have constantly tripping appliances, it could mean that your switchboard is overloaded.
  • Old wiring: If the wiring on your switchboard is grey or black, you are due for a switchboard upgrade. If your switchboard wiring is white, then you might not need an upgrade yet/
  • Your home’s age: If you have an older home or are unsure when an electrician carried out your switchboard and data cabling installation, you should hire an electrician to look at it.
  • Overcrowded wiring: If your switchboard wiring appears overcrowded, you need a professional to look at it sooner rather than later.
  • Rewireable fuses: If you have a switchboard with fuses that are rewireable, upgrade to circuit breakers as quickly as possible. Rewireable fuses have copper fuse wire, which is a significant safety hazard.
  • Blown fuses: If you realise that your fuses are frequently blowing, then this could indicate that you need a switchboard upgrade.
  • Noises: if sizzling noises or buzzing are coming from the switchboard, you need to have an electrician look at it quickly.
  • Power points: If your home’s power points are too hot or discoloured, it could mean your switchboard is overloaded and will need an upgrade.
  • Shock: If you get a mild shock when you plug in your appliances, then you will need a switchboard upgrade.
  • Flickering lights: Flickering lights typically result from either a loose lightbulb or loose switchboard wiring. It can also mean that your switchboard is damaged.
  • Sparks: If plugging in an appliance causes a spark, then you might be due for a switchboard upgrade.

While the list above isn’t exhaustive, you should always speak to a certified electrician near you if you have any concerns or questions about your home’s switchboard or switchboard wiring.

NESMA is the National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association. We represent member interests in the Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing industry throughout Australia.

Why Should I Get a Switchboard Upgrades?

It is all about safety! You need to make sure your home isn’t at risk from an outdated switchboard, and you can do this by assessing when it is time to get a switchboard upgrade.

A few reasons why you need to get a switchboard upgrade are:

  • Switchboard upgrades mean lower fire risk as they come with built-in safety switches
  • New age appliances can overload older switchboards as they weren’t created to handle the appliances
  • Switchboard upgrades can reduce the risk of shock courtesy of built-in safety switches
  • Older switchboards don’t always work with new smart metres.
  • A switchboard upgrade can reduce the likelihood of your circuit breaker constantly tripping
  • You also get a reduced risk of overloading your fuses
  • Older switchboards are most likely noncompliant with current electric regulation

As stated earlier, an electrical switchboard is the major control hub for all things electrical in your home. If you have an older switchboard that isn’t functioning properly, the problem could reverberate around the home.


Switchboard Upgrade Cost: How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

Ascertaining the price of a modern switchboard upgrade can be tricky. It isn’t a question that is easily answered as it requires you to take into account numerous factors, such as:

  1. The switchboard size
  2. How much switchboard wiring is needed
  3. The switchboard’s capacity
  4. If your home requires rewiring
  5. Switchboard upgrade labour costs

All of these factors can influence a switchboard upgrade cost, so it is recommended that you speak with a local electrician like SOS Electrical about switchboard upgrades in Sydney. SOS Electrical can give you a personalised quote specific to your business or home.

Most people see switchboard upgrade costs as the major barrier to upgrading their outdated switchboards. Nevertheless, you should see it as investing in your home’s safety. Furthermore, when an electrician is doing your electrical switchboard upgrade, look at your home’s wiring to ensure everything is safe.


Who is Certified to Conduct Switchboard Upgrades?

A qualified and licenced electrician is the only individual certified to conduct switchboard upgrades. A switchboard upgrade isn’t the type of project a DIYer should take on, as it can be extremely dangerous for unqualified individuals.

If you still have a few questions about your switchboard, are considering upgrading, or want a professional opinion, the team at SOS Electrical can help you with modern switchboard upgrades and issues. The team can perform switchboard upgrades to the highest and most stringent industry standards.

You have nothing to lose, so give SOS Electrical a call at 0407-207-470.

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